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Mobile/Wireless Printing

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Last updated: 13 Dec, 2022

Wireless printing is available in TechCentral, Student Center, and Library. You may print directly from your mobile device to the PaperCut pay-for-print system, and release the print job using the card reader on the printer. 

How to Access:

To set up wireless printing on your device (one-time set up, while on campus):

  1. Open a web browser on your device and go to https://print.ccsu.edu
  2. The system will automatically detect the type of devices (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android). If it didn't detect correctly, click the icon for your device at the bottom of the screen (Note: on an iPad, you may have to type https://print.ccsu.edu/ipad).
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up PaperCut Mobility Print on your device. This will set up your device to print the HP-Find-Me print queue so that you may release your print job on a campus PaperCut printer with your Blue Chip ID card. See https://www.ccsu.edu/it/itselfhelpfaq/papercut_mobility_print.html for detailed information about each type of device. 

To print from a mobile device on campus:

  1. Access the Print option on your device.
  2. Ensure the printer defaulted to HP-Find-Me.
  3. Configure the print settings (number of copies, single or double-sided, color or black & white) then press Print. 
  4. Go to a PaperCut printer in TechCentral, Student Center or Library and tap your Blue Chip card on the card reader to release your print job. Please note, you must have money on your Blue Chip ID card in order to print (you may check your balance at https://get.cbord.com/ccsu.) 

How to Request:

All faculty, staff, and students may use wireless printing.  

Additional Information:

Student Pay-for-Printing: Students need to have money on their Blue Chip ID card account to print. You may check your balance at https://get.cbord.com/ccsu. Please note that Flex Dollars are attached to your meal plan and may not be used to pay for printing. 


  • One-sided printing: $0.05/page for black & white and $0.25/page for color.
  • Two-sided printing: $0.04/side for black & white and $0.20/side for color.

Faculty and staff may request wireless printing for a network printer (4 or more users) in your department using the PaperCut Wireless Printing Request form via https://itrequests.ccsu.edu (please note there may be a charge for the required card reader). 

Article ID: 156
Last updated: 13 Dec, 2022
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