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Last updated: 2 Aug, 2023

The university purchases site licenses and provides support for three web conferencing platforms: Webex, Teams, & Blackboard Collaborate. Each of these is a full-featured tool used to host virtual classes and meetings. Zoom may be used to attend meetings. Teaching Faculty may request an exception to use Zoom for teaching. 

How to Access:

A zoom license in most cases is only needed if you are setting up the meeting. Attendees should not need a license to attend a Zoom meeting. 

Zoom is packaged and available for install on CCSU owned computers. For Apple computers, navigate to "Self Service". For Dell computers, navigate to "Software Center." You do not need administrator privileges to install Zoom.

Go to https://ccsu-edu.zoom.us. Single Sign-On (SSO) has been enabled for the CCSU purchased Zoom licenses. Please login with your CCSU email and password.

How to Request:

Teaching Faculty may request a CCSU Zoom account by emailing the Provost Office. All Zoom accounts must be approved by the Provost Office, and that approval forwarded to the IT Help Desk at techsupport@ccsu.edu.  After you are approved, you will get an email from Zoom with an account invitation.  Click on the link in the email to activate your CCSU Zoom account. Please note: Zoom accounts not used for 6 months will be deactivated and will need to be re-requested. 

Additional Information:

Watch Jay Melnyk's Helpful Videos on Zoom:

Zoom Basics

Zoom Basics, watch this first. There are a few settings you need to turn on so you can Zoom like a pro. This includes things like enabling breakout rooms, polling, co-host features, etc.


Breakout Rooms

Quick and messy video I made with my two daughters to show you the features of breakout rooms. Practice this with a friend/colleague or yourself and two devices that can login to Zoom.



Storing recordings, accessing them, and uploading them to Blackboard.

Article ID: 101
Last updated: 2 Aug, 2023
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