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Last updated: 17 Nov, 2022

CentralPipeline is a web portal page that provides easy access to key online systems and other information and news.

How to Access:

From www.ccsu.edu click on CentralPipeline (upper right corner) then select Student or Faculty/Staff. From the CentralPipeline page, click on the system you wish to use. Most systems use CCSU email /Office 365 account for log in. 

How to Request:


Additional Information:

Online systems available via CentralPipeline: WebCentral-Banner Web, Blackboard, CCSU Email Access, Accounts Management, and a lot more. CCSU online systems are compatible with various web browsers, such as Chrome (Windows and Mac), Edge(for Windows only), Safari (for Mac only), and Firefox (for Windows and Mac). 

Article ID: 122
Last updated: 17 Nov, 2022
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