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Microsoft Azure Dev Tools (formerly Microsoft Imagine/DreamSpark)

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Last updated: 21 Jul, 2023

The Information Technology Department has a subscription for Microsoft Azure Development Tools.  This subscription gives students access to download academic Microsoft software applications for free.  The applications available include, Visual Studio, Visio, Expression Studio, Windows Server, and many more.  Your Azure account gives you $100 free credits that can be used to "purchase" Azure services.  Software can be downloaded for free.

How to Access:

Go to Azure Dev Tools and click on the "Sign In" button. You will need to login using your my.ccsu.edu or ccsu.edu email address, to verify your affiliation with CCSU, prior to downloading software.

How to Request:

Refer to the information under "How to Access".

Additional Information:

Click here to see detailed instructions for setting up an Azure account.

Article ID: 151
Last updated: 21 Jul, 2023
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