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Last updated: 29 Nov, 2023

This section provides a list of the existing book publisher links within Blackboard.

Our method for pairing your McGraw Hill Connect & Cengage course to your Blackboard shell has been recently updated. Instead of the traditional building block, we have transitioned to using the updated method of LTI. Starting from Winter 2023 and continuing into Spring 2024, you must use the LTI method of pairing your course and adding content .

McGraw Hill Connect:

Click on the below guide "CCSU McGraw Hill Connect LTIA" to learn how to pair your McGraw Hill content to your Bb course shell. 

In addition, during the break between the fall and winter sessions (week of December 18, 2023), we will be running a migration process to move all older content from the old integration to the new.  During mid-November, we will send more information on the migration process and what it entails for you.

CCSU McGraw Hill Connect LTIA

Deploying McGraw Hill Connect Content into Blackboard

McGraw Hill Faculty Connect Guides

Student Registration for Blackboard with Regular Deep Integration


Please click the guide titled "Cengage LTI NEW" below to discover the process of connecting your Cengage content with your Bb course shell. Please be aware that until the Building block is deactivated, make sure to select the NEW Cengage Icon.(Imaged below)

Cengage LTI NEW

It's worth noting that some of Cengage's videos still feature the old icon.

MindTap Training Resources

MindTap/Blackboard: Create a Course in Blackboard

MindTap/Blackboard: Linking to an Existing Course

MindTap/Blackboard: Deep Linking and Grade Synchronization


Refer to the guide titled 'Pearson LTI Content Area' below to discover the steps for integrating your Pearson content with your Blackboard course shell.

Pearson LTI Content Area

You can integrate Pearson by including the link in the course menu.

Pearson LTI Course Tool- Adding to Course Menu

After connecting your Pearson content to your Blackboard course, you have the option to incorporate Pearson Links, providing convenient access for your students.

Pearson LTI Links

Pearson My Lab & Mastering Training & Support for Educators

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Last updated: 29 Nov, 2023
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