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Last updated: 29 Dec, 2023

Blackboard Learn is an application used to facilitate teaching online. It allows you to post announcements, assignments, create tests, and more. We suggest looking at Blackboard’s official Getting Started page to learn what Blackboard is and how it is used.

Below is a series of videos and documentation we have curated to help you get started.

Blackboard Navigation

These documents will teach you how to navigate Blackboard’s user interface. You will learn how to find and open your course.

Reference Guide to Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation

How to Find My Course in Blackboard

Setting up your Course

When you first open your course, it will be empty. It is suggested that first time Blackboard users import one of the CCSU created pre-made course templates. You can modify it as needed to fit your teaching style.

Import Pre-built Course Templates

Once you’ve uploaded a template for your course, you can start customizing your course. Each Blackboard course is split up into different sections called Content Areas. Each Content Area can hold files, assignments, and more.

Create a Content Area (documentation)

Create a Content Area (Video)

Make sure to upload items such as your syllabus and other important information to your course. The following links will teach you how to upload items and assignments to a Content Area.

Upload Files to Content Area (Documentation)

Upload Files to Content Area (Video)

Create a Content Folder (Documentation)

Create a Content Folder (Video)

Create an Assignment (Documentation)

Create an Assignment (Video)

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call, email, or come see us:

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Article ID: 83
Last updated: 29 Dec, 2023
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