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Navigating the Blackboard Interface

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Last updated: 15 Aug, 2023

These links will show you how to navigate the Blackboard main user interface.

Reference Guide to Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation

Ultra Base Navigation for Instructors (Video)

Ultra Base Navigation FAQ

Manage Instructor Notifications

Blackboard Menu

These documents will teach you how to use the various tabs on the main Blackboard menu.

Institution Page

Profile Settings

Activity Stream

Calendar Basics

Import and Export Calendar Items


Grades Tab

Tools Tab

Content Collection

Course List

The Course List contains all of the courses you are enrolled in.

Course List Management

How to Find My Course in Blackboard

Make a Course Available or Private

For Students

This section contains information for students. You can link to these pages on your Blackboard course or print them out for your class.

Ultra Base Navigation for Students (Video)

Manage Student Notifications

Article ID: 99
Last updated: 15 Aug, 2023
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