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Last updated: 27 Dec, 2023

Blackboard provides many tools to assist you in grading. You can grade assignments, tests, discussion board posts, etc.

For answers to frequently asked questions, read the Grade Center FAQs document.

Grade Center

The Grade Center is where grades can be viewed by students.

Create a Column in Grade Center

Organize Columns in Grade Center

Hide, Show, and Delete Columns in Grade Center

Grade Center Weighted Totals

Hide Students in Grade Center

Clear an Attempt in Grade Center

Grades Tab

Exclude a Grade from Calculations


Rubrics can be helpful in grading assignments. They can give students a set of guidelines to follow, and they can help you grade objectively based on criteria.

Create and Deploy a Rubric

Edit a Rubric

BB Annotate

BB Annotate allows you to view and mark up documents in your web browser. It can be useful for giving feedback to your students.

Grade Assignment using BB Annotate

Attendance Tool

The Attendance Tool can be used to track and grade student attendance.

Attendance Tool Guide

Article ID: 84
Last updated: 27 Dec, 2023
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