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Checklist for new employees
29 Dec, 2023
Here is a great resource for preparing for a new employee. Please note: it can take up to two weeks depending on the time of year to get a computer set up so please start this process as early as...
Contact the CCSU IT Help Desk for all IT Support Issues and Questions - Phone: (860)832-1720 or techsupport@ccsu.edu .
10 Jul, 2023
https://itrequests.ccsu.edu - here you can request many things, ranging from requesting a new computer (for employees), a student loaner laptop, or merging courses in Blackboard Learn (faculty).

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Center for Teaching and Innovation (CTI)
Formerly known as IDTRC, the CTI's goal is to provide instructional design services, technology assistance, and training to faculty and staff. CTI offers workshops and one-on-one assistance with...
17 Nov, 2022 Comments: 0
IT Help Desk and Walk-In Support
IT Help Desk The Help Desk serves as the single point of contact for (phone and email) assistance with all supported software, hardware, and other IT services. They act as the liaison between all...
21 Jul, 2023 Comments: 0

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Remote Application Server (Citrix)
The remote application server (Citrix) allows you to access Windows-based applications from any computer (PC or Mac) with an Internet connection. You can access software programs stored on the...
26 Jul, 2023 Comments: 0
Email - Students
All students are automatically given a Central Microsoft 365 account. Your Central email address is assigned to you during your application process. It is your official University email address. The...
26 Sep, 2023 Comments: 0
Email - Faculty & Staff
All faculty and staff with a BlueNet Account are automatically given a CCSU email/Office 365 account with a storage quota of 50 gigabyte (GB). Your CCSU email address is selected when activating a...
22 Aug, 2023 Comments: 0
Microsoft Software (Microsoft Office 365 and Windows)
We have a Microsoft Campus Agreement for a variety of Microsoft products including Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access), Project, Visio, Visual Studio.Net, and the Windows...
22 Aug, 2023 Comments: 0
Residence Hall Network (ResNet) - Wireless and Wired Access
Every room in our residence halls is equipped with high-speed wireless Internet access. We have 2 wireless networks: ccsu-bluenet is the wireless network for your computer, Chromebook, and mobile...
28 Aug, 2023 Comments: 0
Central BlueNet Account and Microsoft 365/CCSU Email Accounts and Passwords
Your Central BlueNet account is used to access computing services both on and off campus. It consists of your: BlueNet username - a unique username (usually your first initial, last initial and 4...
20 Nov, 2023 Comments: 0

Recent Articles
Cylance Protect Anti-Virus
**As of February 2024, Cylance has been replaced with Microsoft Defender.** Cylance Protect replaced McAfee Anti-virus on CCSU-owned computers. Cylance is an advanced threat protection program that...
23 Feb, 2024 Comments: 0
Defender Anti-Virus
Defender Antivirus is a built-in antivirus software developed by Microsoft. It provides real-time protection against various types of malware, including viruses, spyware, and other malicious...
23 Feb, 2024 Comments: 0
SPSS Software
SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a popular statistical package which can perform highly complex data manipulation and analysis with simple instructions. It is designed for both...
05 Feb, 2024 Comments: 0
Building Your Course
Blackboard features many different tools which can be used in building your course. These documents will teach you how to use them. Pre-Built Templates Importing a pre-built template is...
01 Feb, 2024 Comments: 0
Out of an abundance of caution, this software should not be installed on CCSU owned devices. Grammarly takes a copy of any documents you are working on and uploads them to their cloud. As Central...
25 Jan, 2024 Comments: 0
Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure
Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure is a flexible, committee- friendly engine for conducting academic professional, reviews online - in a shared governance context. This software application...
16 Jan, 2024 Comments: 0